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6 Inch Slim Square Panel 16w

6 Inch Slim Square Panel 16w


Product introduction

ThetaLight “E-star Series”Square LED panel light is a kind of superior indoor lighting lamps;Adopting high efficiency SMD 2835 as light source which made the panels CRI>80,CRI>90 ; Also this type  panels is unique designed, the LED light becomes  an equal pane lighting effect after permeating the light guide plate with high transmission rate. This makes the entire lamp get even illumination, soft comfortable and bright light. Mainly used for meeting room, negotiation room, office, school, hotels, hospital etc indoor lighting places

Technical Parameters

  • SMD 2835 LED with high lumen output and high light efficiency;
  • Competitive price & High quality; Thress years warranty;
  • Unique Slim design;Good appearance, high lumen
  • Easy installation, No RF, No flickering, Environment friendly;   

Special Design for the back cover,avoid  light leak


Illuminance parameters

Light Source Test Report

Mechanical Dimension

Installation diagram


Mark: Please note that we we do not advise if there is any changes for the product.

1.suggested working temperature is -20°C ~ + 40°C, or it would bring bad effects to lifespan of the lights once exceed the scope temperature.
2. Indoor use only.
3.Lamp installation and maintenance work must be operated by professionals.

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