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A Glimpse of the 2024 Frankfurt Exhibition


The 2024 Frankfurt exhibition focused on the electrification and smart trends in the lighting and construction sectors, driving the industry towards a more sustainable direction. 

With three main agenda themes of "Connectivity", "Sustainability", and "Work+Life", this exhibition attracted over two thousand exhibitors showcasing their innovative solutions and development trends.

Notably, the participation of Chinese exhibitors has significantly increased from 200 in 2022 to nearly 700 this year, representing a third of the total exhibitors. The presence of numerous engineering clients was observed, indicating a strong interest from this sector.

While there were not many new products, linear lights and magnetic suction lights remained highly popular. 

Larger companies shifted their focus from product displays to showcasing integrated systems.

Product Trends

 The product trends emphasized modularity, linearity, compactness, and intelligence, with a focus on energy efficiency, health, and environmental friendliness.

 Many lighting fixtures achieved energy savings through intelligent systems, while others improved chip luminous efficacy. The emphasis on smart applications based on environmental and human needs was also evident.

In summary, the exhibition highlighted the application of new materials and interdisciplinary material usage, the emphasis on product texture and artistry, the trend towards miniaturization and flexible installation, and the attention to lighting scenes and details.

The 2024 Frankfurt exhibition provided a comprehensive insight into the electrification and smart trends in the lighting and construction sectors, setting the stage for the industry's sustainable development in the coming years.

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