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UV LED strips

UV LED common wavelength:
UVA: 320-390nm
UVB: 280-320nm
UVC: < 280nm


Application of purple light:
1. Paper money identification (RMB, US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, euros, pounds) - (375-395nm)


2. The air conditioning and automotive circulation system's Leak check, specialty gases
3. Oil pipeline leak check
4. Check the system test marks, blood, crime scene

5. Adventure treasure hunt, to find mine field exploratory tool - (300-420nm) 
6. Antique appraisal, jade jewelry testing
7. Fluorescent reflection of special materials
8. Lure mosquito lamp, mosquito lamp
9. Catch scorpion lights - (360nm)
10. UV glue curing, nail lamp
11. Sterilize disinfection - (365-370nm)

12. Various fields of plant growth etc - (275-320nm)
13. Stage/Nightclub/Bar etc Decoration



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