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Partner with Thetalight, a preferred LED lighting supplier to buyers in over 50 countries. Since 2010 we have been investing heavily in cooperated branded power supplies panrtners and waterproof silicone material to improve the quality of our LED products. Our new products include LED Alum profiles, LED light strips, LED Modules, We update our catalog with new designs and improvements each month. 

With three production lines boasting SMT machines from Japan and other auto equipment, we roll out 800,000 Alum profiles,15,000 panel lights and 300,000 LED strips monthly. We welcome orders for as few as 10 units, and can deliver them in just one week. For more details, contact our multi-lingual sales team today.


With Thetalight LED, you get a product you can depend on, designed and tested by our Engineers in our Shenzhen offices, and manufactured to deliver the long-term performance you can trust. Here’s what makes Thetalight stand out:

  • Tightest LED binning for consistent CCT and CRI
  • Project consultation with a vastly experienced team
  • Two-oz PCB for durability and heat dissipation
  • Thoroughly tested solutions, products, and accessories
  • Highly rated and knowledgeable Customer Service


Contract Manufacturing at Thetalight  is about building a lighting solution around you. We create and manufacture a custom product based on your specific project needs by modifying it to deliver the right light output, color temperature, form factor and connectivity. Our Account Managers will work closely with you on developing a design that meets your needs. Then, our engineering team will thoroughly evaluate your specifications, develop a prototype and test it to make sure that it passes quality control before moving into final production.