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We choose many pieces SMD5050 RGB chips to disperse the heat which could ensure the lamp long lifespan and reduce the decline of light. With independent optical design, the lamp has regular facula, it won't have the problem such as dark place, aberration of the verge of the spot and yellow brink like the traditional wall washer.This product use AL 6063 to get a simple slim beautiful look.

No. Item Input voltage(V) Min power(W) Max power(W) Waterproof class LED Qty Lumen(lm) Color  Size(mm)
1 TH-T2-030-5050-36-24V-RGB DC24V 7.2 8.6 IP66 5050RGB, 36pcs 300-340 RGB 300*30*7.3
2 TH-T2-060-5050-72-24V-RGB 14.4 17.2 5050RGB 72pcs 600-680 600*30*7.3
3 TH-T2-100-5050-120-24V-RGB 23 25 5050RGB 120pcs 1000-1140 1000*30*7.3
4 TH-T2-120-5050-144-24V-RGB 28 30 5050RGB 144pcs 1200-1360 1200*30*7.3 RGB

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