Bespoke luminaire design – at the forefront of energy efficiency

Our bespoke lumaire design is undertaken with a keen eye on energy efficiency, installation and maintenance.



ThetaLight are able to manufacture bespoke luminaires from a range of quality materials. We can form mild steel and anodised aluminium. We also incorporate polycarbonates and plastics including cut plastics and plastic injection. We are able to anodise aluminium and metallise plastics.


Bespoke luminaire design – concept and brief


We are able to take your brief for a bespoke product in a manner of ways. All you really need to tell us is what the application is that needs to be lit and give us an idea of the luminaire placing to achieve your desired result.


1st stage – we would produce a drawing for your approval, including software modelling of expected light output and distribution

2nd stage – sample production

3rd stage – photometric and EMC testing in ThetaLight own laboratory

4th stage – production!



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