If you're seeking to elevate your space with a mesmerizing lighting solution,
 the Captivating Flexible LED Wall Washer is the ideal choice!

1. Difference in application
 It can realize traditional LED to achieve wall washing effect, and can also be used for building dark edge outline and curve lighting

Regular LED strips cannot achieve the wall washer effect like this


2. Excellent Waterproof Design:

As you may know,the normal wall washer is structure waterproof,not very ideally in specific projects

but this new flexible wallwaher with an impressive IP66 rating

It is packaged with TPU glue, anti-yellowing, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, IP66 and durable

3. Easy Installation:

It has a variety of installation methods such as adhesive backing, stainless steel buckles and profiles, which can be bent and installed in various shapes easily

or You just need to stick it to any where you wish.